Regulatory News

14th October 2022. Board Changes and Appointment of CEO 141022

2nd August 2022. Board Changes and Appointment of Nomad 020822 

30th June 2022. AGM Proxy Votes 2021

30th June 2022. AGM Result 2021

1st December 2021. Directorate Change

29th September 2021. Interim Results

19th July 2021. AGM Proxy Votes 2020

19th July 2021. AGM Result 2020

21st May 2021. Operational Update

5th November 2020. COVID-19 Update 

4th October 2020. Interim Results

12th August 2020. Directorate Change

30th June 2020. Restaurant Re-openings

26th June 2020. AGM Proxy votes

26th June 2020. Result of AGM

2nd June 2020. Annual Report and Notice of AGM

21st April 2020. FY Results announcement 2019

19th March 2020. COVID-19 Update

12th September 2019. Interim Results

30th July 2019. Directorate Change

24th July 2019. Pre-Close Trading Update 

19th June 2019. Change of Registered Address

28th May 2019. AGM Proxy votes

28th May 2019. Result of AGM

28th May 2019. AGM Statement

3rd May 2019. Annual Report and Notice of AGM

24th April 2019. Director PDMR Shareholding

9th April 2019. FY Results announcement 2018

1st February 2019. Pre-Close Trading Update

20th December 2018. Change of Adviser

23rd November 2018. Change of registered office

19th September 2018. Interim Results 

16th July 2018. Board changes

18th June 2018. Result of AGM

21st May 2018. Annual Report and Notice of AGM

1st February 2018. Trading Update

6th November 2017. Director / PDMR Shareholding

19th October 2017. Sale of Central Processing Unit

17th October 2017. Director/PDMR Shareholding

16th October 2017. Result of General Meeting

28th September 2017. Placing and Notice of General Meeting

27th June 2017. Director/PDMR Shareholding and Dealing

7th June 2017. AGM Results 2017

5th June 2017. Trading Update

10th May 2017. Annual Report and Notice of AGM – May 2017

12th April 2017. Preliminary results – Dec 2016

30th January 2017. Pre-Close Trading Update

14th December 2016. Acquisition

9th September 2016. Interim results

5th September 2016. New Openings

23rd July 2016. Holding in Company

21st June 2016. Admission and First Day of Dealings